Syrian refugee family

We met and assessed another Syrian refugee family in Walton on Monday for furniture / household goods and were shown wonderful hospitality in a bare flat, drinking Arabic coffee cross-legged on the floor and chatting to them through an interpreter. Their young boy took great delight in taking the hand of our volunteer, Chris and giving him a guided tour of the rooms chattering away excitedly in Arabic!

We put on an extra van run this morning to deliver an amazing comfy sofa and their boy became an enthusiastic helper bringing in all the seat cushions from the van! Reflecting on the family’s assessment and circumstances, we were conscious of the need for some toys to keep this lively lad occupied in a bare flat in an isolated pocket of Walton, and although not asking anyone (as is our policy) we were amazed to be given a large box of Brio track/trains and a large floor puzzle along with the sofa! He was so excited by his gift!

Tomorrow we return again with bedding, wardrobes, toaster, kettle and kitchenwares, and we will continue to pray that we can show them God’s loving provision and kindness by their other furniture needs being donated to us in the coming week.