If you are a Social Worker or Health Professional and have a client who either has DIY needs around their home/garden or need furniture/clothing then please get in touch and we can discuss how we could help.

After an initial conversation, we would always meet with yourself and the potential recipient to assess their needs and agree how The Besom could help.

Furniture & Clothes

We accept donations of  quality furniture and clothes that must be in good condition and available to pass directly onto recipients.

Baby items & Clothes

We accept donations of new Cot mattresses/bedding and either very high quality or new, baby clothes, toys, buggies, Moses baskets, blankets etc available to pass directly onto recipients with new babies.


We can also do non-construction projects – clearance, decorating, gardening etc. As our time givers are just normal people, do not expect projects on the scale of Grand Designs! As a guide, here are some of the things that we may struggle with:

  • Anything where specialist skills are required – do ask though, as we may have volunteers who do have these skills
  • Anything where specialist kit is required.
  • Projects that are too “big”. Painting the inside of a house = yes, re-roofing it = no.
  • For legal reasons, we can’t do any gas fitting or electrical work, likewise due to a lack of skills (and the expense of repairs if we get it wrong!).

Once we have discussed the project with you, we will want to visit the house to make an assessment of the jobs to be done. This helps us get a better idea of costs, scale, whether the job is one that we can complete to a high standard and cover safety issues. Once the assessment is completed, we will try to find a team of time givers whose skills are a good match for your project. Please be patient – as these people are all volunteers, it may be a while before we find a team who are a good fit – obviously it is easier to find somebody to paint a wall than it is to locate a carpenter; likewise some jobs are pretty seasonal – it’s hard to find somebody who wants to build a fence in December. Once we have found a team to complete your project, we need to set a date and and arrange materials so that everything is ready on the allocated day.

Project Day

Someone should be available on site on the day to let the group in, whether it be yourselves (i.e. the social worker) or the recipient. Since time givers are normally busy during the week, many projects take place at weekends, although this is not always the case. In general, a member of The Besom Core Team will be present at the start of the project to make sure that everybody has what they need and that they all know the plan. We will also try to be there for the end of the day in order to ensure that the project has been successfully completed and to arrange for a further visit if required.


Some groups really hit it off with the people they are helping. They may offer to pray for them, they may stay in touch. Sometimes if additional work needs to be completed, they may offer to do this outside of the scope that has been agreed with The Besom for that particular day. It goes without saying that any offer to pray or to keep in touch would be made sensitively and that it would never be made if the group thought that it would be unwelcome.

Who will complete your project?

The Besom is a service for people in churches who want an opportunity to give, so these will be the people who come to complete your project. Volunteers must be known to their church and The Besom requires that they provide a reference from their church’s leader. Whilst some volunteers will have been police checked for other work they do either professionally or within their church, there is no guarantee that this will be the case.

What are the “terms and conditions”?

There are no terms and conditions as such, but there are some suggestions: First and foremost, we need to make sure that this project can be completed well – that we do a good job for the person you are thinking of referring, and also that everybody is protected, so we do need to know of any likely hazards such as needles or wild pets. You need to ensure that the project you are referring is allowed to be completed, e.g. please do not ask us to paint a house red or to knock down a wall if the house belongs to somebody whose permission hasn’t been obtained. Warranty – nothing we do has any value if it isn’t any good. We want to do a very high quality job every time. This is one reason why we never ask people to give their time – people approach us and ask to give it, so your group will always be enthusiastic! That said, they are enthusiastic amateurs. They should have the necessary skills to complete the job well and if anything needs to be put right, we will aim to do so, but as a free service with a very low budget, this should not be taken as a warranty. What to do if something goes wrong: Get in touch – let us talk about what happened, why it happened and what we can do about it. If you do not have the specific contact details of the people who have carried out your project, then please either email or phone us.