Gardening Project in 2 parts..

About a month ago, a small group from Chessington church took part in a gardening project for a single Mum and her daughter. The garden was extremely overgrown with brambles, long grass and weeds so in the sunny, sticky weather the team got going! It was certainly hard work, but the team made good progress with the brilliant lawn mower and shears. We were interrupted by a few rain showers but this gave us an opportunity to have a good chat with Jane* and play with her daughter. Praise God for keeping us safe and enabling us to clear the garden, despite our small numbers. We also got on so well with Jane* and her little girl and are looking forward to going back soon to tackle the front garden. It’s such a joy for the team to know that because of God’s provision, Jane* and her daughter will be able to enjoy the garden over the summer.


Last weekend the small group returned to Jane’s*, this time to clear her front garden. It was a very warm day, but Jane* kindly kept the team going with ice pops and cold drinks. Thank God for many answers to prayer: that he kept the team safe and gave us the energy to do the garden in soaring temperatures. It was wonderful to see her already making use if the back garden with a play house and paddling pool for her daughter and one of our team gave the back garden hedge a few finishing touches!

(*name changed for privacy reasons)






Starter Pack and a Pink Toaster..

Another great van run this Saturday. Along with a Time Giver we delivered some amazing starter packs, that had been produced by one of our regular givers, to a woman Tina* and her children who have just moved into a new property after fleeing from domestic violence.

Tina* was really grateful for the items in the starter pack. We also asked if there was anything else she needed which we could pray for and she said it would be great to have a toaster (very useful when you have growing children). We prayed and emailed the rest of the core team with an update asking them to pray for a toaster, only to receive a reply later that day from one of the core team who had been offered a brand new Pink Toaster by a giver from their church!

Such a great reminder that God does care about the little things and how good it is to demonstrate his love by meeting peoples needs in a practical way. We’re looking forward to delivering the pink toaster to Tina* this week!

(* name changed for privacy reasons.)

The bed that keeps on blessing..

A second van run in as many weeks and this time to deliver a lovely pink child’s bed to a recipient in Molesey. We had been offered the bed last year but didn’t have a recipient for it immediately, we wondered why God had not found a home for it. But after lots of prayer we passed it onto a family with a girl who needed it in an emergency as she had nothing to sleep on. Although a little small for her it was a real blessing as a temporary solution until we swapped it a few months ago for a larger bed. We then prayed for a new home for the little pink bed which was graciously answered, so a team of two set out last Saturday to deliver and construct the bed. Despite only simple DIY skills, the bed was delivered and put together successfully and it was great to see the little girl’s excitement at her new bed. Once again, a very blessed van run and much to thank God for. Not least a little pink bed that keeps on blessing!