“Besom Team, you are fantastic..”

We received some lovely feedback from one of our referring agencies who said “Besom Team, you are fantastic, without you I don’t know what we and our patients would do!”

With the generosity of our Givers we had been able to provide replacement washing machine and microwave for one of their clients, a gentleman requiring support for mental health issues. Our amazing Time Givers on the van had also moved the old items outdoors for waste collection because the client was unable to, as well as connecting the new Washing Machine. Thank you to everyone who gives Time, Money or Things through The Besom and thanks for the encouragement from the referrer!

Heavy Lifting!

Our Time Givers on the van run today delivered and plumbed in a washing machine this morning. They needed to empty the van to get to the machine which was at the back of the van! Good work guys. 


We’ve been given some fantastic curtains and have matched them this week with a recipient who badly needed them for their flat to provide much needed privacy. We also have a new Time Giver who is going to use their skills to adjust the curtains so that they fit the Windows perfectly!!

A full van. 

We collected a lovely children’s bed this evening which just fitted in the van, which is now full of amazing things we have been given. Join us in thanking God for people’s generosity and in praying for Time Givers to help deliver it all to recipients over the next couple of weeks. If you fancy coming out on a van run drop us an email at info@besominesher.com for more information.

New PAT Tester!!

We are very excited to have our own PAT Tester at last. It may not seem very exciting but will be a huge help to us. We are often given electrical appliances to pass onto recepients from small items like kettles and toasters to large appliances like Fridges and Washing Machines, all of which have to pass a basic PAT safety test before we can pass them on. Until now we’ve relied mainly on help from our lovely neighbour Besom in Ashstead to test the appliances.  We are very grateful for their help but going to Ashtead has added an extra dimension to our often already complicated logistics!! So hence we are excited to now have our own PAT Equipment so that our Time Givers who are on a Van run can test appliances themselves as part of the collection/delivery process. Praise God for our PAT Tester and for the money donated so that we could buy it!

It’s all about the BEDS!!

Oswald Chambers, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater works. It is the greater work”.

Monday morning prayer two weeks ago, we decided to pray earnestly once more for many of our clients who have need of beds (all sizes!). Many have been waiting since before Christmas and we felt the need for God to shift things in the heavenlies so that some would be donated to us. A day later I responded to a vague email offering us furniture with a tight time frame for collection. Three bedrooms worth of furniture from a single to a super-king.  We are so thrilled by the expat family’s generosity. Every item matched perfectly with our client’s requirements (even the super-king).  We also had donated bunk beds for our Syrian refugee family that we have been supporting. Our van team have had a lot of lifting to do. Another double bed donated this week and our bed list has been completely cleared.  At Besom, we have been beautifully reminded how important our core value of prayer – the greater work – has brought all things together in perfect time to bless all concerned, i.e. those who gave, those who prayed, those who delivered and the recipients who are sleeping comfortably.


First Referral of 2016

We are excited to have received our first referral of the year to provide goods for a Syrian Refugee family. Please pray for us as we seek to assess their needs and meet with them today. We have had so much news about the plight of our refugees this past year; it is good to be able to welcome and show kindness to our new neighbours.