The Besom provide many ways in which people can give to those who are in need, through their time, money, skills or things. The hope is that each person is able to find a way of giving that most appeals to them. See below for the different ways in which you can get involved in giving through The Besom.

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What Time Givers and Referrers say about The Besom

“I could never have imagined that the everyday items that so many of us take for granted could be so gratefully received by those who have so little. The joy in the faces of the recipients and the value that the Besom project adds to the community¬†is worth every minute of the time that I give.”
Time Giver.

“I had no idea how deeply and permanently I would be affected by coming face to face with such shocking poverty and exclusion in my immediate neighbourhood. It has completely transformed my faith and challenged me about my lifestyle.”
Time Giver

What Referrers say about The Besom

“I saw Janet*, whose flat your team decorated late last year, and wanted to thank you all so very much.¬†Janet* is absolutely thrilled with it and I think it is a huge improvement to her environment. The curtains are fab too – allowing the light in during the day and privacy at night. Janet* was very touched by the care packages which are fantastic, and also by the way all people involved treated her and her home. It has restored some faith in human kindness!”
Care Professional (*name changed for privacy).

“It’s such fabulous work you do – I’ve been meaning to say for a while that our clients talk about it long after the decorating has been done, or the furniture delivered. They’re always really impressed with both, and amazed that people give their time and goods in this way – for many of them it’s their first and only experience of this kind of generosity, so thank you.”
Care Provider